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Tuskify offers a Business plan to support users that have a business account with Evernote.

An Evernote business account allows you to share notes, tags and notebooks with your colleagues in the same Evernote business.  This is extremely handy for collaboration.

Tuskify fully supports Evernote business users and makes it easy to integrate users from your business into your Tuskify account.

When a user signs up to Tuskify on the business plan and connects their Evernote business account, they become the Business Owner in Tuskify.  The Business Owner is able to create personal and business recipes and has a recipe limit of 50 enabled recipes.  This limit applies to both personal and business recipes that the Business Owner creates.

It is important to note that your personal and business recipes are separate. A personal recipe will never be applied to business notes and vice-versa.

In order to take full advantage of the Business plan, the Business Owner can invite other users that are in the same Evernote business to join Tuskify. When the user accepts the invite, their Business account will be connected with Tuskify so you can apply recipes to their notes and see the tags and notebooks they create for the business.  When you send the invite, you can choose if the new user should be a Business Admin or a Business User.

Business Admins are given access to Tuskify to be able to create recipes for the business and to invite other users. They are not able to create Personal recipes (i.e. recipes for their personal Evernote account) and they are not able to view/amend the subscription for the business. 

Business Users do not get access to Tuskify.  Their business account will be connected to Tuskify for the purpose of applying recipes to their notes and accessing their tags and notebooks.

The Business plan costs $10 per month (or $8.33 per year).  This cost is per user, so each user you add will increase your subscription by $10 per month ($8.33 per year).

For every person that accepts your invitation, the enabled recipe limit for the business is increased by 50 recipes. This limit is business-wide, so any recipes your Business Admins enable will count towards this limit.

The table below illustrates what each type of user is able to do on Tuskify:

Business Owner Business Admin Business User
Recipes applied to notes Y Y Y
Create recipes Y Y N
Invite users Y Y N
Revoke users Y N N
Manage subscription Y N N
Choose files or drag and drop files
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